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Unlock the power of your customer database and turn it into information and use it to boost your business.

Intelligent Marketing is a tried a proven way to grow your customer base, increase average annual spend and transactions each year and reduce customer 'churn'.

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Our Loyalty Card system manages your customer database, interfaces with your EPoS system and calculates loyalty points.

SMART-Loyalty is the "brain" behind Intelligent Marketing. Once you know who your customers are and what they are doing, you can communicate effectively and reward them accordingly.


Once you know who your customers are, talk to them!

SMART-Mail is an email marketing application that allows you to send personalised emails to your customers with offers, loyalty point balances and reasons to visit you.

Low cost, great reporting and immediate deslivery are all part of the service.


What do your customers really think? Why not ask them!

By using data from SMART-Loyalty, SMART-Surveys can automatically ask your customers about their visit.

Results are available instantly for your to see and can provide qualitative scores on criteria that you set on a weekly or monthly basis


Does your website meet the 3 second rule?

Generally, you only have 3 seconds for someone to see if your website is relevant to their search before they click the "back button".

SMART-Websites interface with SMART-Loyalty to provide Customer Login areas and engage with viewers immediately.




Sending SMS Text Messages to your customers is a great way to keep them informed about your latest events and promotions.

Over 90% of text messages are read withing 5 minutes, and so provide a great way to talk to your customers.

Personalised SMART-Texts can easily be sent directly from SMART-Loyalty.


Print costs can destroy the profitability of markting campaigns.

Why not turn your brochures, magazines and newsletters in to SMART-Brochures and show them on the screen instead.

Using the latest "page turning" technology, your publications are easy to read, distrbuted instantly and you get to see who is reading them.


Need your data all the time and always up to date?

Why not let us develop a SMART-App to give you what you need and when you need it on your SMART-Phone.

We can give you everything from sales figures, stock enquiries, customer histories or whatever gives you the competitive edge at home, on the shop floor or at a tradeshow.

About SMART Insight Ltd

SMART Insight Ltd is owned and operated by Richard Lloyd and is based in Bristol. We are a small team who love to work with progessive companies to help them turn their data into real information and then develop marketing solutions to grow their business intelligently.

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